Snyder Construction Group Highlights Innovative Dental Project
Snyder Construction Group Embraces Innovation With Innovative Dental
Sep 01, 2021

Snyder Construction Group Embraces Innovation With Innovative Dental

As a leader within the commercial construction industry, Snyder Construction Group is proud to exhibit every project we execute. We understand that a project completed is an opportunity for people to connect. We aim to provide those connections across generations. That is precisely what we’ve done with one of our recently completed projects: Innovative Dental of Springfield, Missouri.

Innovative Dental

Establishing your family with a dentist is similar to establishing one with a general practitioner. It is expected that your family will be safe and secure to visit your dentist throughout a lifetime. This is precisely what Innovative Dental ensures for each of their loyal clients, as they specialize in both General and Advanced Dentistry. If you are looking for an informative, friendly, and unique dental experience, look no further than Innovative Dental.

Our Details

Snyder Construction Group has executed similar projects to the size, complexity, and style of Innovative Dental’s build. This is why we were presented the opportunity to be the Construction Manager on this project. The space is 29,125 square feet spread over a two story building. It features floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch the entire length of the east side of the building. This allows a 26’ tall LED display to be featured inside the main lobby.

The inside of the building features 20 exam rooms, eight orthopedic rooms, and three patient recovery suites with views of the internal courtyard. The point of this project is to enhance the patient experience. This is why a kid’s playhouse is built with opportunities to experience natural daylight in all spaces. Along with this is a coffee shop-style refreshment area and lounge spaces. We serve our clients with top-level hospitality.

Snyder Construction Group Believes In Innovation

We believe in creating unique experiences for our locals in the Southwest Missouri region. This means thinking ahead when planning each project. If you are interested in partnering with Snyder Construction Group or receiving consultation on a current project, we’d like to connect with you. Contact us online, or call us at (417) 887-6897.

Innovative Dental: Photos

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