Healthcare Construction & Why Snyder Construction Group Does It So…
Healthcare Construction: Why Snyder Construction Group Does it So Well
Oct 25, 2021

Healthcare Construction: Why Snyder Construction Group Does it So Well

Medical gases and vacuum systems. Specialized electrical systems. Unique codes and regulations. These are not terms you regularly hear in conversations about typical commercial construction projects, but they represent just a few of the complexities involved in the field of healthcare construction.

Snyder Construction Group has a passion for the unique challenges of working in healthcare design and construction.

Healthcare construction is one of the most complex sectors in the construction industry, and the requirements for working in hospitals and medical facilities require a higher level of expertise.

At Snyder, we’ve assembled a committed team of construction professionals with the training and skills necessary to meet the ever-expanding expectations for these owners and facilities.

In today’s blog post, we'd like to share our thoughts on what makes the field of healthcare construction different, and why our team does such an outstanding job executing these projects.

Healthcare Construction: Key Differences

Most commercial construction projects are made up of the same basic components: metal studs, drywall, interior finishes, doors and frames, millwork, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, etc.

But healthcare construction starts to deviate from standard commercial work when you consider the integration of specialized systems for patients and safety, such as medical gasses and vacuum systems, specialized electrical systems and equipment, and a myriad of codes and regulations.

These aspects of healthcare construction require specialized education, training and enhanced skill-sets. But beyond the technical aspects needed to coordinate and install these complex systems and to build the projects, is the process in which the “work” is to be deployed.

It’s in this process that Snyder Construction Group sets itself apart as a true leader in the industry.

Snyder Construction Group’s Approach

The SCG team understands the methods and procedures required to be in place before any actual work is conducted. Before beginning any project, we ensure our team has a firm grasp and understanding of the best practices, codes and regulations that encompass healthcare construction.

As in all projects, safety is the top priority, not only in working with trade partners and site personnel, but also the patients, visitors and staff of the facilities where the project is taking place.

The knowledge and methods to achieve this level of safety, while ensuring uninterrupted patient care operations, is something that Snyder Construction Group takes very seriously. We work diligently to perfect all projects, and we have an excellent track record for ensuring compliance.

From the Mercy Multi-specialty Clinic in Bolivar MO--a 44,000 square-foot facility providing space for urgent care, ambulatory surgery, radiology, internal medicine and more, to Innovative Dental in Springfield, MO--a two-story building with 20 exam rooms, 8 orthopedic rooms and 3 patient recovery suites, Snyder Construction Group had the training and experience to make these projects a success.

Snyder Construction Group’s approach is to not only focus on the construction and installation of the critical aspects of the work, but to deliver successful projects that cover all the unique complexities found in healthcare projects including safety, schedule, cost and quality of the final product.

We are proud to work with a team that is truly passionate about serving the healthcare industry and is always ready to take on its many challenges with confidence and integrity.

Work With Snyder Construction Group

Snyder Construction Group has been a leader within the commercial construction industry in the Midwest and Southwest Missouri for more than 40 years. Our team has the resources, experience, and expertise to successfully take projects from conception to completion, delivering on time and under budget, and exceeding client expectations every step of the way.

If you are interested in partnering with Snyder Construction Group or receiving a consultation on a current project, we’d love to connect with you. Contact us online, or call us at (417) 887-6897.

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