Snyder Construction Group Highlights the Highline Apartments
The Honor of the Highline Apartments, Snyder Construction
Oct 06, 2021

The Honor of the Highline Apartments, Snyder Construction

Snyder Construction Group is proud to showcase every project we build as a Commercial Construction Industry Leader. In each of our building projects, we craft meeting places that build opportunities for individuals within those places to live their most unique lives.

Our Columbia Falls, MT project features the Highline Apartments, a unique living experience for modern rural residents.

Highline Apartments

The Highline Apartments are tucked away in Columbia Falls, Montana and are designed to modernly complement fantastic rural landscapes. Stone veneer, LP siding, cedar shake accents and asphalt shingles make up the modern lodge-style build that represents this multifamily living complex. Keyless entry, comfortable modern finishes, and fully equipped kitchens are highlighted features partnered with balcony-style apartments. Floor plan sizes seek to accommodate single professionals to full-sized families by offering apartment layouts ranging from studios to 2 bedrooms. The Highline Apartments combine gorgeous scenery with modern luxury, and everyone is encouraged to join this engaged living community.

Our Details

Snyder Construction Group structured this project to include 5 buildings and a clubhouse. Believe it or not, building within rural Montana’s inclement weather posed a unique opportunity for innovation. This is why unique building methods, such as panelized wall systems, were used to expedite the timeline and gain efficiencies. We pride ourselves on finishing projects ahead of schedule, and this project was executed in tandem with the winter months of Montana.

Snyder Construction Group Believes In Innovation

We don’t believe modern luxury should be sacrificed when embracing the peaceful landscapes of rural Montana. A project like the Highline Apartments is unique because it blends two worlds that before this day and age were expected to exist separately. We focus on bringing ideas and people together, which requires careful planning and outside-the-box thinking when planning each project. If you are interested in partnering with Snyder Construction Group or receiving a consultation on a current project, we’d like to connect with you. Contact us online, or call us at (417) 887-6897.

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